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It’s now easier than ever to put solar to work on any home connected to the electrical utility grid. Home Energy’s Power House Systems are complete solar systems packages that combine the latest Sharp solar modules and the highest quality inverters for complete, reliable and fully compatible rooftop solutions.

Grid-Tie Spec Sheet

Are looks important?

Grid-Tie kits include Sharp solar panels with the fully integrated Power House mounting systems. The choice of all-black or silver solar panels gives a uniform integrated look. The low profile rails fit tight to the roof and are easy to level, creating a very neat tidy appearance. Secure, watertight and attractive – that’s the way solar should be.
Built to perform!

High efficiency 230W or 240W solar modules offer lots of horsepower per area and minimize system size. We optimize array voltages for peak efficiency, delivering the most kilowatt hours from a solar system of nominal size. That’s why our building blocks are in strings of 6-12 Sharp modules. Sharp, a brand names you can trust!
Built to last!

Sharp panels have a 25 year warranty and our inverters have a 10 year warranty. Our Grid-Tie Solutions are designed for the long run. Your energy security is backed by the most experienced solar team in Canada.

Start producing clean power from your roof today. Stand Alone Energy's Grid-Tie packages give you the confidence you have done it right, with our 20 + year track record of quality, reliability, performance, and our network of trained installers.
Model Array Array Area
MicroBLOX 470 470W 65x79"
HES-GT-2.3 2350W 125x240"
HES-GT-5.6 5640WW 130x480"
HES-GT-10.3 10,340W 262x440"
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