Our solutions reduce the cost of energy while improving reliability and security of remote energy systems. At the same time they reduce the negative impacts of conventional energy alternatives.
Welcome to Stand Alone Energy

Stand Alone Energy Systems Ltd. has been in the renewable energy business since 1998. We are located in a small northern community and understand the energy problems of remote communities. We provide consulting services and renewable energy products to individuals, businesses, community groups, utilities and governments. We have worked with customers and clients in various remote locations to help them develop energy plans and solutions.

The cost of renewable energy has fallen dramatically in the last three years. Meanwhile the cost of conventional alternatives has risen steadily. Both of these trends are forecast to continue for the foreseeable future. In the next decade, renewable energy will become the lowest cost alternative, nearly everywhere. Where transmission lines are too expensive and fuel supply is difficult, renewable energy is already cheaper than conventional alternatives. Stand Alone Energy Systems Ltd. can find the opportunities and supply the solutions.

Why Choose Us?

Stand Alone Energy Systems Ltd. works with customers and clients to find and implement renewable energy solutions that are:

  • Simple: Our solutions are pre-engineered, modular, stackable and easy to install
  • Clean: Our solutions do not pollute the air, land or water.
  • Reliable: Our solutions meet all industry standards for safety, quality and durability under rugged northern conditions.
  • Smart: Our solutions generate the information that allows the owner to monitor and efficiently manage their energy systems.
  • Cost Effective: Our solutions will reduce the cost of energy.


There’s a new way to put solar to work on a grid-tied house. Home Energy’s MicroBlox kits are completely self contained AC solar modules. Buy one or ten, start small and build big, these plug and play kits allow for easy system installation and expansion. And if your roof space is limited, or has dormers and valleys, or has slopes facing in different directions MicroBlox kits maximize your solar production.

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